Welcome to Savoring Goat Cheese!

We run Birchbark Farm, a micro-dairy in northwest Michigan, and want to help people learn to taste, understand and savor farmstead goat cheeses.

Our herd of 10 Oberhasli (Swiss Alpine) dairy does is getting ready for the 2010 milking season, and we will be ready with new milking equipment, cheese pasteurizer, vat, cheese cave and lots of tasty recipes!

Our fresh cheese (a chevre called Cloud Creme) will be ready for members of the Birchbark Farm CSA to enjoy starting in April 2010. The aged variety, a goat Gouda-style cheese called Birkie Dusker, will be available to CSA members starting in July.

You are welcome to visit us, meet the goats and learn how they are fed and taken care of, and above all, TASTE the cheese. It’s all about savoring! Just give us a call beforehand, to make sure we can meet you at the barn with samples.

We owe it all to our sweet goats!


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