Meet the goats

Oberhasli (Swiss Alpine) goats are one of nature’s best packages: sweet dispositions, mellow nature, agreeable and affectionate, happy to be around people, not overly noisy or complaining. And they give the sweetest, creamiest milk imaginable…which is why we picked them. Oh, and they don’t show the dirt! They are generally dark reddish brown in the body, with a prominent black stripe down the back from tail to nose. They also have black bellies and boots, making them quite attractive. Alpine goats are closely related to deer, which is why they love to eat “up”, standing

Attacking the fresh field, our does LOVE to be put out on rotational grazing

All grass is "tall grass" to a baby goat

Kids love to climb...especially on George

2009's milking queen deserves some sugar

Not a bad ride...I call shotgun

on back legs and browse, chewing tender leaves, bark, berries and bushes along with the sweet grass hay they eat from the rack in the winter.


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