How do you choose a cheese?

Fresh goat cheese (chevre) is a smooth, spreadable cheese with a light, tangy and slighty lemony flavor. It is a very good cheese for breakfast, appetizers/snacks or for use in cooking — perfect for spreading on bread, toast, bagels or crackers. You can eat it naturally, dress it with herbs, honey, fruit or jam, sprinkle diced tomatoes and chopped cilantro on top of it to round out a pizza or pita. It is one of the mildest cheeses available, is lower in fat and cholesterol than cream cheese, and it keeps well refrigerated for several weeks. You can even use it in baked desserts and cookies!

Birchbark Farm has many recipes for cooking with fresh goat cheese, which you can find under “what do you want to enjoy” in the right column.Fresh and moist goat cheese, ready for the table

Spread naturally on a toast wedge.


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