What a gift — a sunny January day!

It’s a cold but sun-drenched day on Birchbark Farm today. The goats are loving it, and sunbathing on a straw pile out in the barnyard. Goats’ fur coats thicken up in the winter, so generally speaking, they are ok in the cold as long as the wind isn’t blowing. But they all love the sun, and are indulging themselves in the warm rays.

Loving life in the sunshine

The does have about 5 – 7 weeks left in their pregnancies, so they are slowing down a bit, becoming round and deep in their bellies, and eating A LOT of tasty alfalfa hay. They are so beautiful.

Heading to the hay rack for a snack

But they do long to bust out of the corral, remembering how sweet the grazing was in the pasture last summer and fall. You can just read the expression on their faces as they stand at the gate: Let me out there to get to the grass!


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