All kinds of animals here, enjoying the winter

Our goat-girls are always a pleasure to behold, whether they are whooping it up in the yard, hoofing it across the field to get to the best grass, or wrapping their prehensile lips around some lovely stalks of leafy hay. Sylke was loving her chow today in the barn, and it didn’t hurt that she got some carrot chunks and dried kelp as a treat.

Tasty-tasty-tasty! Gotta love that hay!

And as soon as we get back to the house for lunch, what is awaiting viewing up in the tall trees? A bald eagle parent, and he is watching his mate and offspring down in the marsh as they feast on something recently caught. They stayed there for at least 2 hours, swooping down to dine and flying off with morsels. Quite the stunning show.

Papa eagle looking on from above

While mother eagle and the teenager chow down by the creek.


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