We love cheese, and not just our own

This past December I had the great joy of visiting Britain’s most famous cheese shop, Neil’s Yard Dairy in London. Having heard so much about it in advance, I was surprise to find that it was so small. Much smaller than its peers in the US, including Murray’s in NYC and Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, MI. But tasty things come in small packages.

Can't fail to notice what the major product on offer is!

The smell of fresh and aged cheeses met us at the door — the Montgomery Cheddars, Sticheltons, fresh and raw goat cheeses, Ticklemores, Beenleigh Blues….yummy! It was hard to decide what to taste first, and what to buy to take home in my luggage.

Riches for a curd nerd!

But taste I did! And it was just fantastic — my very favorite thing to do when traveling in a new city: find the cheese and EAT IT! I took a half-wheel of Ticklemore home to the US, and we are still enjoying the last of it, two months after the trip.

Complex and crunchy in the mouth, I loved it!

Can you believe these cheddar wheels? Veritable footstools!

There is something for everyone in this tiny, but packed emporium. The cheesemongers are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, the shop is packed with people who are passionate about artisanal and farmstead cheese, and they are buying substantial pieces…clearly for entertainment and enjoyment for days to come!

Get there if you can, or to any well-stocked cheese market where there are cheeses made with love and care, from pasture-fed goats, cows and sheep! The shop is on Neal’s Yard Street….go figure!


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