It will soon be time for cheese tastings!!

It’s another 29-degree cloudy day in northwest Michigan, so I am vicariously enjoying others’ cheese tasting experiences via blogposts. Nothing wrong with that, until I have my own:)

CMoore in San Francisco has some of the most beautiful shots of cheese plates I have ever seen:

Thanks for this glimpse of heaven:

They look embarrassingly tantalizing!

Zabar’s of Manhattan posted a lovely vid with their recommendations (my recommendation? skip the Fiore de Sardi, it’s very disappointing, and go with a Manon or Appenzeller instead)

Two lovely Spanish cheeses:

Cheri Sicard’s French cheese plate looks pretty appetizing, I must say:

And because cheese just begs for good wine (or is it the other way around?), I include this link with gorgeous pix of both:)

Sigh. Will have to rely on others’ experiences or others’ cheese to satisfy my cravings until we have Cloud Creme Chevre and Birkie Dusker Gouda of our own! Happy munching to y’all!


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