Grilled Goat Cheese Sammies

Total comfort food

Goat Gouda Cheese (Cypress Grove Midnight Moon, Arina or Birkie Dusker from Birchbark Farm)
Fresh chevre
Roasted red peppers

Fresh or dried herbs, pinch per sandwich
Hawaiian bread

1. Spread each slice of bread on one side with room temperature butter. Turn over. On one slice spread aioli, on the other the chevre (at room temperature).

2. Add a layer of Goat Gouda cheese, then a layer of roasted pepper and a sprinkle of herbs. Be sure the peppers & herbs are between the two cheeses. (Grating the cheese makes it easier to melt.)

3. Cook over low heat until the Goat Gouda becomes soft.

Thanks to La Donna Cullinan of Cypress Grove, and for this great, but simple recipe:)


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