Sweet Swiss Quark Tart

This recipe reminds me so much of the year I spent in Germany after I graduated from high school, but the original source of this version is Swiss-English, so I had to use this one! It is a lovely dessert, not too sweet or heavy. Juuuuust right!

Ingredients for the tart shell:
1 1/3 Cups Plain white flour (no self-raising flour)
1 Tsp Salt (you can add 1/2 Tsp more if you like to taste the salt)

2/3 Cup Unsalted butter or 1/2 Cup Unsalted butter & scant 1/4 Cup Lard

~3 ounces Water
Ingredients for the filling:
2 Cups Quark cheese, or fresh goat cheese with 1 – 2 Tbsp added lemon juice
3 eggs separated + 1 left entire
2/3 Tsp Baking powder
4 Tbsp Cornstarch
1/2 C refined sugar
1 1/2 Tsps Vanilla extract
2/3 Cup Milk
The rind of one lemon, finely grated
1/3 Cup Raisins

Method for the pastry:
1. Sift the flour and salt into a bowl.
2. Add butter and rub between the fingers until the mixture is flaky.
3. Pour in water, gradually, while continuously cutting and stirring with a knife. Stop adding water when the dough is stiff. It should not be sticky or wet. Gather up into a soft ball.
4.Dust your working area and rolling pin with flour and shape the pastry by rolling away from you and always turning the pastry around in order to achieve a round shape.

Always lift the flour out of the bowl while rubbing; it makes the butter/flour mixture airy.
Be careful not to add too much water as the pastry should not be stick to the touch.
While mixing the water to the flour/butter mixture never work the pastry like a bread dough, otherwise you would end up with a stiff, hard and elastic pastry.

1.Place the pastry in the prepared tart pan and prick with a fork.
2. Refrigerate while you are preparing the filling.

Method for the filling:
4. Preheat the oven to 400°F.
5. With the help of a whisk, mix together the quark or goat cheese, 3 egg yolks, 1 (entire) egg, baking powder, cornstarch, 1/3 of the sugar, vanilla extract, milk and lemon rind until well blended.
6. In another bowl, beat the 3 egg whites and slowly incorporate the leftover sugar (2/3 of total) until fluffy and stiff.
7. Gently fold the beaten egg white into the quark mixture so that the filling is homogenous.
9. Sprinkle the raisins evenly over the base of the tart.
10. Pour the filling into the prepared pastry case.
11. Bake for 15 minutes at 400° F, then reduce the heat to 350° F and continue baking for 30-45 minutes until the filling is set.
12. Cool in the oven with the door slightly cracked open.
13. After an hour remove from the oven and let cool completely before serving.

Serving suggestions:
Sprinkle the tart with some powdered sugar just before serving.
Eat for teatime, dessert or for supper.

Thanks to Rosa’s Yummy-Yums!


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