The crottins are here, the crottins are here!

These lovely little button-like molded fresh cheeses are a bit like goat cheese’s answer to brie…mushroomy, creamy, just a bit more character than the chevre they’re based on. Thanks to a baptism in geotrichum and pencillium candidum (yeah, more than you wanted to know…), they’re covered in a gauzy, pillowy sheath of pure white edible mold. This gets patted down during packaging, so that what you see when you receive the cheese is just what you see with brie: a dense network of whitish-greyish flannel-like covering over the paste itself. And inside? A pure white paste that is firmer than chevre, sliceable and melt-in-your-mouth good.

We have this cheese occasionally, in very limited quantities. Let the cheesemaker know if you want to try it as part of your goatshare distribution! Oh, and if you need a hint on pronunciation, say crow-tan, accent on the second syllable.

Serve with dried cherries, apricots, nuts, crackers and wine....or naked!


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