Birchbark Farm Aged Cheeses

We feel like proud parents. Our first full year of cheesemaking has focused not only on fresh chevre and yogurt, but on aged goat Gouda and Raclette. Of course, these latter cheeses require patient waiting, while the wheels age in the cave. 60 days is a long time to wait. Tomorrow, the waiting is over for the first two wheels. So we’ll crack into them and divide them up for all the orders that have been queuing up. We hope everyone else loves them as much as we do!

The first two Gouda wheels are waxed with yellow preservative.

We have about 17 wheels in the cave at present, and it smells so deliciously cheesy. Daily scrubbing and turning of the wheels keeps me busy for a chunk of the morning…they don’t lack for care and attention.

These Gouda wheels are unwaxed, and aging nicely

We never intended to make Raclette, but an experiment was well received and we love the way it melts in a grilled cheese sammie or over vegetables, so we continue the experiment!

The Raclette wheels are smaller, and age differently than the Goudas.

We will continue making wheels for aged cheese throughout the summer and into the fall. Looking forward to having some to munch on in the winter, long after the goats have been dried up for their “off season.”


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