Thick and creamy asparagus-cheese-ham soup

I could eat this year-round!

One of my good friends and cheese fans whipped up a lovely creamy soup from leftovers, and she shared the recipe with me. If you have a wonderful ham bone hanging around your kitchen, this is a perfect final act to the play. I’m passing it along in narrative fashion, set the proportions to your own liking (or based on whatever else you have in your fridge!):

Soup fixin’s: Chicken broth, ham bone, white and green onions, redskin potatoes, asparagus, fresh goat cheese (chevre), butter/flour/milk for white sauce, leftover mashed potatoes if needed.

Trim the leftover ham from a ham bone and cube the meat. Simmer the trimmed ham bone in the stock and add more water as the broth cooks down over an afternoon. Cook diced white onion, green onion, and cubed raw redskin potatoes — about 1/2″ squares — separately in water until tender (45 min). Strain the fat and unappealing bits out of the stock that the ham bone has been simmering in. Shortly before the potatoes and onions are done, add some 1″ pieces of fresh asparagus to that vegetable mixture. When everything is tender, poured the vegetables into the strained stock, together with the ham cubes cut up earlier.

To finish, make a thick white sauce of butter, flour, cheese and milk to make the soup very creamy and stick-to-your-ribs. Add about a half cup of chevre and let it all melt together. Poured into pot and let it all simmer. If it isn’t as thick as you want, you can stir in some leftover mashed potatoes or some instant potato flakes (which my friend normally wouldn’t even admit owning).

Thanks, Judy!


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