“Too many summer tomatoes” soup

Bleah!!! I STILL have too many ripe tomatoes in my garden, despite putting up dozens of quarts of stewed tomatoes, sauce, pizza topping and marinara. They’re overrunning my kitchen again. What to do….?

Well, if you have ripe and savory tomatoes and fresh goat cheese, why not make a simple and decadent tomato soup? It just couldn’t be simpler.

Just scald (for 2-3 min), cold-water-shock, and skin at least 10 fresh tomatoes, chop and cook them down on low heat for at least three hours until you have a nicely thick and still chunky sauce…season with salt and pepper and stir in a healthy chunk of goat cheese! It is TO-DIE-FOR. Whether you serve it to guests or keep it all to yourself, please try it before the last summer tomatoes are just a memory. Something tells me it would freeze well. Tomato soup never tasted so good!

You can either add or skip the chopped basil, but do stir in the cheese as well as top the soup with it.

All that is missing is a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, so hop to it and get both whipped up for lunch — what a slice of heaven!


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