What is Artisan Cheese?

Artisan cheese has been around for tens of thousands of years, but so much cheese is industrially produced now, that many of us have forgotten or never knew how it was originally produced.

If you wonder about this and want to know more, invest 2 1/2 minutes and watch this great video to learn a little about what artisan cheese is, how it’s made and why this matters:

The bottom line: artisan cheese is

  • handmade
  • small-batch
  • full of great nutrients you can’t get from most processed foods
  • based on a great worldwide tradition
  • inherently variable, showcasing the great variations in nature
  • a reflection of the environment in which it was created, characteristic of the dairy’s soil, crops, water, air, etc.
  • no longer a lost art in the US.

Eat artisan cheese! It’s a great gift of nature, the work of wonderful animals and human hands.


One thought on “What is Artisan Cheese?

  1. I like this Jill- very convincing and appealing. I’m enjoying your blogs. Haven’t made any recipes yet but hope to at some point.

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