And the cheese cave is newly refurbished!

After studying the variety of cheese cave environments and trying the approach of aging on wire racks for a year, we decided to go with the European tradition of aging on hardwood shelves this year. George custom-cut new shelving from Southern Yellow Pine (very hard wood) and installed them this month. They smell and look so great!


These shelves awaiting the 2011 Gouda wheels


Our cave is not as large as a true commercial operation…only enough room for about 50 wheels.


And the Raclette and Appenzeller wheels go here


We’ll age the brie and other bloomy-rinded cheeses in a special box so that the aging cultures don’t migrate from one cheese to another (see table at the end of the cave):

The cave was built five feet into the ground (just to the top of the water table) and extends 3 feet into the air, then there is another five feet of clay and sandy soil piled on top, for insulation. It stays a cool 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 – 85% relative humidity during the aging season.


It looks like a bunker, doesn't it?

Wheels should start appearing down here by early April. Looking forward to the sights, smells and tastes!



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