Baby Bumps! It won’t be long now…

The goats are large, round, bulging, grumpy, ravenous and nearly ready to kid. And they remind us every morning and night at feeding time. We are starting to bring them in for grain, as they need a boost of energy and nutrition as they move into the last weeks and days before the babies’ arrival.


Our little Gemsi is "princess of the herd"


Gemsi, born two seasons ago, is normally not this roly-poly. To be fair, though, she doesn’t look too out of normal from the front vantage point. However from the rear, it’s a different story:


THERE'S the baby bump! Unmistakable!

Yes, there is definitely a foreign object in there, either one or two healthy babies…we are hoping for two, as it will mean smaller heads and easier delivery. She is due to kid on March 9. Pix of the young-uns to follow in a couple weeks!



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