New babies!!

The first babies of the season were born last night, to our princess Gemsi. They decided to come into the world at 11:30pm, on the night when we already had to turn the clocks back, yawn. First kidding for Gemsi, but she pulled through it just fine. The second one started to emerge with one leg tucked behind, so there was a bit of a struggle to get the, ah, alignment corrected, and then boom, both were on the ground, safe and sound!


Still damp and glistening from the trip down the canal!


They are all warm and fuzzy and walking around on stiff, wobbly legs this morning, ready for warm milk and a soft lap. We held off on naming them until the morning, when their personalities were a bit more on display. The first-born will be Irina, named after her great-grandmother, our first herd queen and a very special goat. Her sister will be Ishiko. She carries a sentimental bond to our Japanese daughter, Michiko. We are hoping that Michi is just fine through this week’s disasters on Honshu, and knowing her, she is probably volunteering to provide medical relief to the survivors of the quake and tsunami. Our thoughts are with them.


Irina Secunda of Birchbark Farm, welcome to the world!



And this is Princess Ishiko of Birchbark Farm. They're all princesses, actually.

Someday I hope I can dispense with the allergy mask and just be up close and personal with the goats!



One thought on “New babies!!

    How great to have the first babies here at last… Good for you and good for Gemsi- It must have been a struggle. They look wonderful and I’m sure you are very tired today, so I won’t call yet, but our thoughts are with you and we’re happy that “one is down” with 7 (?) more to go.
    Best wishes to all… we are Grand-goat parents again!
    Love, Mom & Bob

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