Experimenting with Smoky Porter

We’ll be making aged cheeses again, starting next week. Thanks to Tom Buchanan, head brewmaster at the downtown Ludington Jamesport Brew Pub, we have a growler of his Smoky Porter sitting in the aging cave, just waiting to be used to wash down the cheese rind of a Birchbark “Rond’eau Raclette” or three. But in addition, Tom requested that we try making a Porter-marbled wheel, so we’ll give it a go in the next month. It should look something like this when done:

Now bear in mind that the Smoky Porter is neither as dark nor as viscous as the above-pictured Guinness Cheddar. Also, our raclette yields a finer curd than cheddar. But the beer should still stain the outside of each curd before pressing, and that should make for a very interesting mosaic pattern, as well as a distinctly Porter character to the flavor.

We will update you with pictures and commentary in a little over 60 days, when the product emerges from the aging cave to be opened and sampled. Should be quite interesting. I hope goats’ milk likes beer!


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