Muesli with goat yogurt

This is how you get to eat breakfast if you are a goat farmer!! It is soooooo delicious:)

We usually pour in a cup of muesli, 2 cups of fresh, drinkable goat yogurt and a couple spoonfuls of canned peaches, plums or apricots…way more food than most people who have desk jobs can handle, but hey, we milk twice a day, make cheese and farm, so we burn calories like there’s no tomorrow!

If you want to whip up a batch of our muesli, it couldn’t be simpler. We make up at least 20 cups at a time.

We mix all ingredients in a dry, uncooked state. That is how the muesli is served, too…just mixed into the yogurt, pile in some canned fruit, and there you go. Ready in 1 minute!

Pour 8 cups old-fashioned rolled oats and 8 cups rolled barley flakes (get them at the health food store) into a BIG bowl. Add a couple handfuls of each of the following ingredients: golden raisins, snipped dried apricots, dried cherries, broken walnut meats, flax flour, and snipped pitted dates. Get in there with your hands and make sure that the mixture is completely mixed and the dried fruits (George calls them shrapnel) are well distributed throughout. Store in a big airtight container. Use within one year (it usually lasts us about 6 weeks).


One thought on “Muesli with goat yogurt

  1. Looks good… I use almonds, slivered, milled flax, wheat germ & sunflower seeds. Never tried barley flakes- dates sound good. I use cranberries too. Do you use any oil or sweetener? I use maple syrup, vanilla and canola oil. I gets crispy & kind of holds it together. I don’t have any goat yogurt tho….

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