Our goat kids from 2011 are growing up

Instead of a recipe today, I thought I’d share a couple of cute pix of our goat babies, one born in early March and the other in early April. They are so sweet, but won’t be small for much longer….

Meet Irina and Ira, our latest American Oberhasli herd mates! Irina will join our crew of milkers next year, while Ira is a neutered male we kept to accompany Irina as she grows up. She can’t be in with the big girls yet, they will beat her up and pick on her mercilessly. She needs a buddy, and Ira fills the bill beautifully. It is difficult for new/young herd mates to break into the hierarchy…such is the law of the jungle.

Irina is one of the prettiest doelings we’ve ever had: dark bay body, with a thick black dorsal stripe, pretty black dancing boots and a lot of black guard hairs in her coat. She is gorgeous.

Our dear FeiWong, an older milking doe, watches the babies as she hangs out with George and chews her cud. Our goats are very affectionate, and they ask for hugs on a daily basis.

This adorable little pixie LOVES goat cheese. The more, the better. She is one of the cutest of our over 200 visitors to the farm this year. She came, she fed goats and babies, she ate cheese curds and she left her mark. On our hearts:)


2 thoughts on “Our goat kids from 2011 are growing up

  1. Awesome photos…what a great thing you guys are doing…thanks so much for sharing with us!

    Hope to see you again next year.

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