BLT Chevre Spread

I understand, I really do…the summer tomatoes aren’t quite here yet. I get that. But there are already cherry, grape and mini tomatoes in the stores, and they are sufficiently reminiscent of real tomatoes that you can pull off this recipe before August. And won’t it be great to see your guests’ or family’s faces when they taste the BLT in this schmear? Yums!

4 ounces of Chevre (plain) at room temperature.

4 slices of bacon, fried crispy and dried off with paper towels, finely chopped

4 – 5 sprigs of Italian parsley

3 Roma tomatoes or a quart of cherry or grape tomatoes

Completely de-seed, then finely chop tomatoes. Get all the juice out of the tomatoes so that the spread doesn’t turn pink. Mince  Italian parsley and mix together.

Spread a healthy portion across a slice of baguette for an appetizer. Schmear it on a bagel, add turkey and avocado. Add it in while you scramble a couple of farm fresh eggs. Your only limit is your imagination!

Thanks to Cypress Grove for the recipe!


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