Goat Cheese Frittata with Day Lily Blossoms

Some of us went a little crazy last summer with goat cheese-filled squash blossoms, and they were tasty indeed. This year’s revelation in flower-enhanced dining comes courtesy of a very worldly cheese-loving goatshare owner in our co-op, who made the most gorgeous frittata (gussied up omelette) for breakfast last week and sent us her pix. Commence ooh-ahhing and drooling now….

Yes, those are flowers in the batter! Delicious:)


3 eggs

8 fresh day lily blossoms

Fresh and aged goat cheese (as much as you like to use)


Beat 3 eggs and season as desired. Collect daylily blossoms, remove pistil and stamen. Cut slivers of aged goat cheese and place inside
blossoms. Pour egg mixture into preheated and buttered pan, place blossoms in soke pattern and add more goat cheese if
you like, including chevre. Cover pan for a few minutes, cooking eggs until they are set.



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