Fall mushroom season!

Personal disclaimer: I have never been a fall mushroom person. Morels in the springtime, that was it for me, forever. This year I decided to dedicate some time to learning more about edible wild mushrooms other than morels, and it coincided nicely with one of the best fall mushrooming periods ever. We are so fortunate to be finding hundreds of porcinis, and are now drying them in the mild autumn sunshine. The smell is intoxicating, like having a bucket of truffles hanging around the house!

Among the things we’ve made from the mushrooms was a lovely dill-chevre-cream sauce that went over pasta. Scrumptious! All you need to do is saute several cloves of minced garlic and a minced shallot in unsalted butter and olive oil, slice the mushrooms into thin slices and add them to the garlic-shallot mixture, sprinkle in fresh or dried dill, marjoram and basil, and add fresh cream and chevre, cooking under low heat until all ingredients melt together. I would not recommend adding any wine or brandy to flavor, as some people react poorly to wild mushrooms and alcohol together. Serve over buttered noodles. Sooooo tasty!



One thought on “Fall mushroom season!

  1. YUM! I can almost smell them cooking…. wish we had some of those delicacies here, but I guess I’ll have to resort to buying them at the mushroom farm in Loudon. Not the same as yours, but good nevertheless.
    Thanks for the recipe. Mom

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