Not Your Grandma’s Yogurt

This article from is just too good to pass up. As consumers, we need to appreciate the not-so-good transformation taking place in most commercial yogurts, and ask whether the emerging versions are still food or not. Adulterated with fillers, gels, gums, tapioca, preservatives and WAY too much sugar, there seems little room anymore for the healthy probiotics that help your digestion and immune system. It’s not what grandma made in her kitchen, and kind of a caloric waste. Take time to seek out the best, real yogurt you can find in your supermarket. Or come to Birchbark Farm, where the yogurt is milk + cultures. That’s it.

Not your grandma’s yogurt


2 thoughts on “Not Your Grandma’s Yogurt

  1. Could you tell me if anyone makes goat milk cottage cheese or is that a process that is not done with goats milk? Thanks .

    • As far as I know, Mary Jane, it certainly is possible. There are recipes out there. I have never seen it in markets or on websites for goat dairies, however. I think it might be a matter of willingness to pay…cow cottage cheese is very inexpensive, and I don’t think there is any demand for goat cottage cheese. Do you have a dairy near you? Are you in a state that allows sale of raw goat milk? If yes and yes, you could certainly try to make your own. Recipes are out there for it! Good luck!

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