OMG!!! We have black beauty Oberhasli kids this year!!

Miracle of miracles! Our biggest doe and best milker, End-of-the-Trail Friske, turned out to be pregnant after all, and she kidded last night, giving us a set of pure black twins! This kind of thing is very rare, you cannot breed to produce them, they are just a happy accident. And we are thrilled.  The buckling is the bigger of the two, naturally, and has a gorgeous minky sleek coat of fur. His name is Birchbark Jamoki of Friske. The doeling is petite, dainty and curly haired, but quite sassy and sweet. Her name is Birchbark Janet Jackson of Friske, or JJ for short. We don’t know if she sings, but she sure can cry for her dinner!

Aren’t they adorable?


4 thoughts on “OMG!!! We have black beauty Oberhasli kids this year!!

  1. Congratulations, Birchbark people! Now there are three babies? It’s amazing that you had two all black babies. How often does that happen and are they more valuable.
    Janet Jackson would love to know there is a doeling named after her….
    Love, Mom

    • Black Obers are unfortunately not more valuable, as they are considered “not to breed standard” for the show ring. People have been fighting to get them accepted for years. But because you can’t use scientific breeding practices to reliably produce black offspring, they consider it a fluke. Oh well, we’ll take our beautiful flukes and just love ’em up. What a joy. And yes, so far we have three babies, expecting up to 10 more….any day now…

  2. Wow. Love the pictures. Yes, it is special. I get a black one every couple years. Even when you have the animals with the genetics it just happens from time to time. I had EOOT animals when I started. I’m looking forward to getting done with this and going an looking up the pedigree. Contrats again. Linda Oliver, SW Ohio

    • Law of large numbers, I suppose. Frequency of occurence probably increases greatly if you have a large herd. We’re pretty geeked. Good to hear from you, hope your weather stays calm this spring!

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