Back again, dear readers!

You may be wondering why, all of a sudden, this author dropped off the face of the earth for a year. Well, short answer is that I was waylaid by a bad case of cancer, but have survived to come back roaring:) and I have missed you all!

So just as the American Cheese Society’s annual Show and Competition come to a close, I am posting a lovely video from the Cheese Chick’s album of pictures, writing and vids from the show. This footage features a portrait of River’s Edge Chèvre, from rural Oregon. Fetching visuals, wonderful narrative. Quite appropriate, I think, as we have turned some of our energies this season to bloomy-rinded, ash-highlighted soft goat cheeses. Enjoy the eye candy, dear readers, and I will be back soon with another post



5 thoughts on “Back again, dear readers!

  1. First welcome back and bless your recovery from cancer. I wish you only well and good health in the years to come. Secondly, do you have a cook book out or do you have one in the making? It would be so awesome to have a book with all your wonderful recipes and ideas brought together. Greetings, Mary Jane

    • Sorry, Mary Jane, I have been offline for a considerable time. I do not have a cookbook, as many of these recipes are from other accomplished or amateur cooks and it would be an injustice for me to release them as my own. Someday I might have time and energy to do such a thing from scratch….but I think I would rather be out walking with my goats in the field! Much more gratifying, for me and for them!!!

  2. Thank you, Mary Jane! Most of my recipes are from others, just collected here for convenience’s sake. It’s very sweet of you to suggest it, and if I ever start inventing goat cheese recipes, I will consider it! Meantime, enjoy these dishes from the blog and keep eating goat cheese!!

    • Sorry, Ray. Have been offline for a good long time. You need to live in NW Michigan or travel there frequently. Our cheese is only available through goat share membership. If you are still interested, please email me at jill(at) and I will share further details. We do not sell commercially.

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