Introducing Curly Willow Farmstead!

Our busy farmstead is located near Zeeland, Michigan, and happily populated by a family of nine children, their loving parents, a large (and growing) herd of dairy goats and cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, horses, ducks and more!

We are new to goat cheesemaking this year, but not new to goat, sheep or cow milk, as we’ve been milking and enjoying our animals’ milks for years now.

We’re also teaching the area’s visitors about the wonders of goats and their milk at Holland’s Dutch Village, and interest is always high.

Our turnkey cheesemaking system came from Birchbark Farm in Northwest Michigan, where for nearly a decade their herd of registered Oberhasli goats provided a dedicated co-op of artisan cheese fans with wonderful products. We aim to continue — and expand — this tradition.

Our beautiful goats, including five different breeds (Nubian, Saanen, American Alpine, Toggenburg and Oberhasli), are fed the best grains and hay available to create the foundation of our health-giving cheeses. The milk is only 24 hours from having been hay — the freshest you can get! They are milked twice daily by our older children, and you are welcome to come and visit in-season.

We also offer fresh lamb, goat and chicken meat, as well as chicken and duck eggs for those who want their protein straight from the local farmer. Please call us for pricing and availability, at 616-566-1117.



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