About Curly Willow Farmstead

We are located in Ottawa County, Michigan. Our farm is located 15 miles northeast of Holland, and 20 miles southwest of Grand Rapids, in the 49464 zip code. Our dairy is a farmstead operation, which means that the goats are fed on the farm, milked on the farm, and our cheeses are made only from our farm’s milks (goat, sheep and cow), and aged in our own  cave. Our goats feast on the best quality hay and grains . We milk at 7am and 5:00pm daily from early March through early autumn, and make cheese almost every day of the week. If you live in Ottawa, Kent , Muskegon or Allegan Counties, or travel here frequently, you can become a member of our CSA (community-supported agriculture) and actually own a goat share for the season, which entitles you to a share of the cheese. Email or call us to participate.

Happy savoring! Lisa and Kurt Talsma, and all the kids on the farm!

Gemsi and Frieda having a little “discussion”

You can reach us at 616-566-1117

10 thoughts on “About Curly Willow Farmstead

  1. Nice site, guys! Can’t wait to try your delicious-looking recipes! Wish I was closer and could purchase cheese from you, but there is a small dairy-goat herd here on our little island as well. Keep goin’. The world needs farmers – and bloggers – like you. – Marie

    • Thanks, Marie:) You made my Friday morning! Please do tell me what you try and how you like it. And remember, goats’ milk cheese is very healthy and easy to digest, so it is the perfect package!

  2. We just tried the goat cheese you gave us at the funeral today. It is unbellevably fantastic! Rebecca, Bethany, and I were fighting over it. Not sure when our next trip to MI will be, but visiting you guys is on our list!

  3. The cheese is wonderful! I added a touch of olive oil and some chopped sundried tomatoes, serving it with crackers – yum!

    With the yogurt, I made smoothies with a handful of sweet strawberries that I’d frozen. Delicious!

  4. We had raspberry ice cream tonight made from these wonderful goats by these wonderful people. I am in goat heaven!
    Thank you!
    barb berg

  5. Hi Jill and George. I love your web page. very nice.
    Helen says your fighting a bad infection. Keep working on it. Spicy food helps the folks in south america.
    I throw in some extra prayers for you.
    Love. Richard Baibak

  6. I would love to have the opportunity to try your goat cheese…and maybe when my brother David Wild goes to visit you, he will purchase some. I am his younger sister from Ohio. Barbara

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