Cheeses we offer

Curly Willow Farmstead makes the following cheeses:

Chevre — a very mild, clean and creamy, slightly lemony flavored cheese that has a smooth, spreadable texture. It is great for snacking, for breakfast, for cooking and even for use in desserts. Mix in different flavors for a change: herbs, lemon or orange zest, toasted pistachios, dried chopped apricots…..And you can freeze it!

Bucheron (a drained chevre with a bloomy [fuzzy] edible rind) — a French “lumberjack”-style cheese, tangy and a bit mushroomy/truffle-like. It is sliceable and works well with crusty breads, fruits and honey or jam.

Morning Mist Fog (a soft, pressed curd cheese dusted in edible vegetal ash and covered in edible bloomy rind) — this cheese is modeled after the famous French cheese called Morbier, and it has a distinctive ash stripe in the middle of the cheese. The ash keeps the curd a little less tangy than other goat cheeses.

Aged Goat Gouda — this sliceable cheese is mild, supple and sweet with the gentle goat tang. Young Gouda is very creamy, older Goudas are firmer and more complex, drier and rustic.

Cider-Washed Gouda (an aged goat Gouda which has been soaked and washed in hard cider) —  with sweet cider-y notes and a deep nuttiness.

We will occasionally make special cheeses, including chèvre rolled in fresh summer herbs, Gouda packed in herbs and olive oil, and more.

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