Cremets d’Anjou

Sad that it’s no longer strawberry season, I’m indulging in a little time-shifting this morning as the frost clears from the windows. This recipe is a pretty obscure dessert from the Anjou region of France, and the idea to feature it came to me via Tokyo ( as a way to nestle fresh strawberries in a poof of what looks like snow. It’s easy, and tastes like what it is supposed to taste like: fresh dairy goodness!


13 ounces creme fraiche

2 egg whites

3 ounces sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla.


Using a whisk, beat 2/3 of the creme fraiche and vanilla. Separately, beat the egg whites until they are stiff. Incorporate the creme fraiche by folding with the whisk.

Gently slip the mixture into a shallow mold and refrigerate for two hours.

Prior to serving, unmold the cremet and pour the remaining creme fraiche over it on a serving dish.

Garnish with the sugar and cleaned and sliced strawberries.